Tuesday, July 30, 2013

views from a summer stroll in Salzburg...

The proximity of great cities in Europe makes it possible for a visitor to change country, culture, even spoken language in a matter of a couple of hours or less; coming from the US, this geographical closeness makes it even for a European like me, an amazing and very pleasant reality!
Being in Munich, Germany for the week, it was a less than 2 hours train ride to bring me to Salzburg,  spent a whole day in Austria, and make it back to Munich on time for dinner!


  1. I haven't visited Germany or Austria yet, although we get to France every year and have so far made forays into Spain, Portugal, and England. You're so right about the possibilities so close by over there, something I'm so envious of, here on Canada's west coast. . . . but I'm enjoying the travel by proxy and thank you for these gorgeous images. . . one of these days . . .

  2. HI AM - nice to take a stroll with you. Go well. B


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