Thursday, May 2, 2013

spring in New York!

somewhere in my Brooklyn neighborhood...
Now days I feel I am in a dream, hoping not to wake up and lose the spectacular beauty surrounding me. This beauty belongs to New York and to everyone fortunate enough to be here!

Since I came back a week ago, I haven't stopped being in absolute awe faced with the bursting colours of everything in bloom! Spring is lovely anywhere, but in New York is an even greater spectacle. Is it the fact that being in a huge metropolitan area you just do not expect so much natural beauty? Is it because cities tend to be a mixture of concrete, pollution, noise and fumes and not woods and parks, lakes and ponds, front doors and stoops bursting with beautiful plants and colours?  Whatever the reason, New York has taken my heart and dazzled me; it has become synonymous with beauty, smiles, blooms and the land of dreams.

I love living [part time] here!


  1. Isn't it glorious! I'll miss most of Spring, arriving early in June, but the summer greens will still be bright and fresh.And, of course, not covered in all that snow!
    I'm sorry we cannot have brunch together.Perhaps another time..?

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Is that Forsythia in the last photo? I tried to grow it here but it just didn't like my climate. I'm very envious that Di will be back in NY and I've never made it there. (How could I have been to the US twice and missed NY?) So I'm enjoying your photos.

  3. AM - so glad to be taking a walk through the neighbourhood with you again. And what a time to walk - such magnificent colour. Thanks. B


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