Saturday, December 29, 2012

it's all about...

old and new traditions in New York!

my window view to Prospect Park
Season decorations on 5th Avenue
Fashionable couple ready for  New Year's celebration at a Bergdorf and Goodman window

Everywhere I lived, this time of the year was "coloured" by the local traditions mixed with my very own. As time goes by,  I recognize and appreciate even more the value of these traditions, the power of the "rituals" performed every December and reinforced by our own participation in the history of generations honoring them.
This Christmas marked the beginning of a new tradition for my family, as we've all gathered to celebrate in New York, home for some of us, "new home" away from home for me.
Once again I was reminded that holidays are special times wherever we are, the traditions transform any new environment into "home" and as long as we are surrounded by our loved ones... we are always "home"!

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