Thursday, August 2, 2012

summer collection...

fisherman nets in Hydra!
I fell in love with these colorful fisherman nets piled by the sea side in the island of Hydra.
Stunned by their presence, I started wondering if the reason for their rich colour variety is for owner identity purposes, or simply an expression from the hidden artist in the fisherman who spends his life immersed into the bluest of the Aegean sea's blue.


  1. beautiful photo's. My daughter did the same in Scheveningen (near the Hague, Holland). She post it on her blog yesterday.

    such a coincidence!!!

  2. No wonder you fell in love with these nets. Just so very beautiful. Ancient and modern at the same time. Wonderful photographs, Anna.

  3. Thanks for finding and sharing this beauty -- visual poetry!

  4. AM- now you are just working overtime to create the travel lust in we mere mortals. Great that you have been able to spend time "somewhere in Greece" and experience and capture great images. B


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