Friday, August 24, 2012

people watching... in Tokyo!

I am in Tokyo, super excited for the opportunity to find myself once again in this amazing city. Camera in hand, fighting the most persistent  jet lag, I loose my self wondering around the city trying to ignore the incredible August heat. While searching and finding cool shelter in the metro and the endless city's malls, I am faced with this incredible "collage" of generations, manifesting right in front my eyes the strongest contrast of modern life and old tradition. I respond by clicking my camera, or my silenced iPhone when I realize that I may be intruding... 


  1. Oh Japan! How wonderful! I've never been to Tokyo--I can only imagine!--but these scenes remind me so much of things I saw in Kyoto so many years ago. Such happy memories. Japan is such an amazing, inspiring place to be! (Even if a bit too "perspiring" at the moment!)

    1. Hi Ellen,
      Thank you for stopping by; Japan is indeed amazing, and Tokyo a very special city to visit, multi faceted and full of contrasts.
      Yes, it has been VERY hot, and having this energy saving mode (result of the Fukushima disaster) the thermostats for AC are kept higher than needed to be, but still... I loved my week there!

  2. AM - why am I not surprised that you are in another exotic location - so good to be able to spend time immersed in Japanese aesthetic and doing a little people watching - and maybe they were also watching you. Go well and enjoy. B

  3. While reading the post I nearly jumped out of my skin when the spider crawled down the side Lol...
    People watching in Tokyo must be totally absorbing. How wonderful to observe the contrast of the old and new traditions.


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