Thursday, July 19, 2012

sand marks...

by the sea shore somewhere in Greece!
The last few days I rediscovered the joy of playing in the sand; once again I was reminded that sand games are not only for children and that the child in me is still alive and well and very ready for the excitement of games in the sun!
These are samples of patterns, shapes, light and shadows on a beach in northern Greece where I have the good fortune to be spending summer days with family.


  1. So beautiful. inspiring. . . .
    Thank you!

  2. I love your sandy portraits - there's a timeless quality to them- as it looks like you're decked out in a long flowing dress (circa victorian era!)

    hope you're enjoying the summer!

    1. Ronnie, it is a long flowing dress (not quite Victorian), but the generosity of the sun transformed it into this elegant vintage-y form...

  3. So beautiful, Anna, as always. I hope your summer weather is as good as it looks from your photos.

  4. Those are really lovely photographs. The warmth shines through.

  5. Beautiful images! What a perfect place to spend the summer! Enjoy!!!

  6. Sometimes, we do need to wiggle our toes in the sands of home...


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