Sunday, December 4, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Again it's this time of the year when all the glitter and all the joy is intermingled with nostalgia for Christmases past, with emotions still raw generated from life mark events that just so happened to happen around Christmas, with memories of final farewells forever fresh in my mind's landscape...
Nevertheless the special glow of the season's celebrations, the hope carried by the miracle of birth, the glorious sounds of music listened and followed every year with the exact same anticipation and feelings of soothing calmness and joy, these are the best reminders of how great it is to be alive and to be willing and happy to participate once again in this global celebration of life and light.
I wish all my friends, wherever they are, to be immersed into the spirit of the season and to be happy participants in celebrations surrounded with their loved ones.
Happy Christmas!


  1. Long time no read Anna.I wondered where you were and hoped all was well. Good to hear your thoughts. Memories rise to the surface at this time of year, both good and sad but we get through it. Love the decoration by the way. One of your own designs I hope!

  2. And a joy-filled Christmas season to you and yours, Anna!

  3. And a great holiday to you as well!


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