Wednesday, November 2, 2011

summer remains...

Dried weed cuttings from my summer garden in a "vase" made of paper!
Yesterday, while folding strips of paper for an unrelated work, I ended up shaping/constructing a few objects that I am kind of falling in love with...


  1. ahhck! love it! (note to self - now THERE'S a lovely art gesture to try....) xx

  2. Your "vase" is perfect for grasses.

    Hmm...I left several aimilar folds on the table and the cats decided they were the most excellent things to bat around the room. "See, Geiger? If you flick it with your paw, you can make it fly!"

    Note to self: don't leave them within reach!

  3. Ooo yes! Very easy to fall in love with.

  4. Now that is the most beautiful thing of the day.

  5. Beautiful combination and photo. thank you!

  6. They always says weeds are just flowers that are growing in the wrong place and these are beautiful.


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