Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my Art & my iPhone...

Left: original iPhone photograph  |  right: PS Express/Soft Focus, Reduce Noise, Exposure
It's obvious I have been "working" and having fun at the same time!!! These images are showing how easy it's becoming to get addicted not only to my type of work..., but also to the "fun" of documenting it with the iphone camera. So here it is my new post responding to Dave's Apps Recipe Book Project 
Left: Camera+/Borders/Dark Grit  | right: CameraBag/Magazine
Left: Grungetastic/Beached 3  | right: Grungetastic/something random... I don't remember


  1. ooo I know what you mean! since getting my iphone back in may my whole world has been turned upside down! (I can't think how I managed without it!)

  2. These are so incredible!!! I'm sorry I missed them!!! And so glad I just found them!! Thanks for joining in the project!!! Isn't it amazing how different apps can change the feel and perspective of an image!? Wow!

  3. Ronnie: I keep thinking exactly the same; how did we survive without an iPhone before...???

    Dave: I am glad you stopped by...
    As for joining your Apps Recipe Book Project, I think it's pretty obvious: I am thrilled!

  4. AM- ah!! so we have another iPhoneography addict> Such a great toll?? Certainly helps us see the world in new and altered ways. Go well. B

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