Tuesday, September 27, 2011

touching history...

Walking by the Roman Agora, entering a Byzantine marvel of a church transformed into a muslim temple many centuries ago and back again into a center of christianity, stepping through paths among tomb stones of the city's jews who lived and called Thessaloniki "home" until Hitler's army transported them with one way ticket to concentration camps, experiencing all that this morning, during a short distance walk- a few city blocks that house remains of thousands of years history, its glories and shame.
On my way back I stopped at the old market and bought Greek mountain tea, the same one that has been growing wild in my homeland's mountains for ever...


  1. Some lovely "memory" images, Anna.

  2. AM- just love the bits of script left lying around. When there are just such an abundance of ruins it is hard for locals to appreciate how special they can be; but for those of us who don't have them we just yearn to have some such fragments dotted around our block - bits to discover amidst the weeds? Go well. B


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