Sunday, August 7, 2011

New York in sizzling reds and hot pinks...

what can I say? I do LOVE New York!


  1. I think New York loves you back Anna! It never fails to show you where to take the best photographs. These are just great. Lesley

  2. Hey Anna, I love your photos! I love NYC too but haven't been there for years...

  3. Very nice photographs and colors, New York looks great.

  4. These bring back memories of visiting with a (somewhat ornery) old friend years ago in Manhattan. He was almost sputtering as we walked down the street near his apartment, "Flower boxes! They're planting flowers! The city sure is changing." He shook his head sadly as he said this. (He was quite a character.)

    These do look wonderful! The pinks are gorgeous! I can almost hear the city sounds in the background. Although this year, I suspect "sizzling" was more than a color description... I'm glad it was, still, such a good visit. New York is indeed a special place.


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