Monday, July 4, 2011

sunflowers = summer!

Sunflowers are so friendly, so smiley and so full of the essence of summer!
Growing up in my homeland sunflowers were only found in the fields, never to be used as cut flowers...
Once their seeds had formed, the huge (gigantic for a little girl) dried flowers were brought in, placed on a shelf, left there to continue their drying/shriveling season and waiting for us to start digging into their rich centers densely woven with black seeds....
I can still remember the sweet taste, the shriveled flower that kept giving us pleasure even after its brilliant yellow had disappeared.
The sunflowers in these photographs were brought in and arranged in tall vases, bringing their screaming summer celebratory color into my home.


  1. Wow Anna what great photographs. That acid yellow comes at you head on and I had never realised before how inky blue the centres are. I wish I could take photographs like these! Our garden sunflowers won't be like this until August/ September but I've made a note to look at them more closely this year! Lesley

  2. A- I agree with L - wow - the colours in the last photo are brilliant - are those natural colours or enhanced - I have never seen blue on sunflowers - and I love the idea of brining the screaming colour into you house. Go well. B

  3. Hi Anna - you know what? I drove past a bed of sunflowers on our road today - in the middle of winter! They were dazzling and dancing and smiling and just made me feel so much better in amongst the cool day. How lovely to think that we share these flowers across the hemispheres -magic!

  4. Lesley, the "inky blue" happened in the very center, where the stamens were still very young and laying flat with a very close to velvet texture; the sun light coming from a certain angle transformed the black into blue and the camera "got it"! It's really magical what light can do...

    Barry, the photos are untouched, exactly how they were captured at that moment. This past weekend was very special for us (our daughter and family were visiting from NY and I had to translate the thrill we felt into the house "mood"; the sunflowers expressed it PERFECTLY!

    Oh FIona, this is such a coincidence, or is it not? I believe that people who somehow feel alike/sense alike, sometimes connect through similar emotions and "happenings" regardless the enormous distances that separate them... But sunflowers in your winter? that's truly special.

  5. I love sunflowers! Makes me want to rush out and find some to plant. These are great photos! That blue center really is amazing. It's hard to feel anything but joy when looking at a sunflower--a most excellent choice for the vases!

  6. Oh, yes! Sunflowers hold happy memories for me, too.Growing them in a little country school garden and standing beside them daily, to be measured. Before long, they towered above us!

  7. Ellen, you said it perfectly! Sunflowers are pure joy!

    Dinah, what a lovely memory!
    On a second thought... who would ever think using a sunflower to measure children's height rate! I wonder how many children got a crushing feeling after seeing the flower towering over them in such brief time...

  8. AM- glad the sunflowers were there for you and your daughter; what an amazing sunflower to share - still stunned by the blue. Go well. B


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