Saturday, July 30, 2011

New York in silence...

Everything in New York is not colorful, fancy, excitedly vibrant or triumphantly loud. 

Along my walks I see a lot standing still, subtly marking the passage of time in silence, presenting decay and neglect in an almost theatrical setting; as if allowing the destructive signs of wear and tear to assume a dignified aura, something reminiscent of the old and decrepit, but oh so respected of an English aristocratic country home.


  1. Love the picture of your feet Anna and the one to the right of it too! You have an unerring eye for wonderful studies for photographs. Lesley x

  2. AM - love the notion of things standing still as we amble along. The photosvdo haveva quiet buying era look about them - quite soft light on the day. We would like to visit NY so it is good to know itbdoes have quiet and silent parts. Go well. B

  3. Hi Anna tthese images make NY seem so much more accessible and friendly to country folk like me, I love the quietness of them, the gentle colours and the silent crumbling...v beautiful


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