Saturday, July 16, 2011

around my studio...

Can't hide my enormous joy on the acquisition of my second "new"old nipping press!
I can't believe how beautiful it is, how it compliments the english screen I have in the corner of my studio and how it just feels belonging there!!!
So while I am in between projects, I am taking a small break from my normal fully engaging work and I am exploring traditional Japanese origami folding techniques.
I am surrounded by small pieces of paper for a change, no inks for a while, beautiful tiny sculptured bits and pieces in front of me and when I lift my head... I can't help but smile at my book press standing there and looking totally at home!

Here is an old post for my very first book press


  1. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever..."
    And those fishes!
    Now, if I could source something like this locally...

  2. What a stunning press - and it looks like it was made for your studio it fits so perfectly. Have fun with folding the paper - it's quite addictive in its own way - such lovely forms.

  3. You must smile every time you walk in the room and see that! WOW!!! Congrats! And happy folding.

  4. AM- agree with others that is one stunning press - form and function? Have you tested it? Does it press consistently and gently. How old is it? Where does it come from? etc etc. Fiona would say - why do you need to know all that - such a 'boy' thing. Anyway it looks great; and glad it makes you smile. B


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