Saturday, July 30, 2011

New York in silence...

Everything in New York is not colorful, fancy, excitedly vibrant or triumphantly loud. 

Along my walks I see a lot standing still, subtly marking the passage of time in silence, presenting decay and neglect in an almost theatrical setting; as if allowing the destructive signs of wear and tear to assume a dignified aura, something reminiscent of the old and decrepit, but oh so respected of an English aristocratic country home.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back in New York...

Heat wave and all I still love being here! 

Although the humid oven like atmosphere is rather unbearable, it's still worth sweating and feeling like fainting on the way to museums and favorite spots!

Here are some not too touristy views of what I adore in this amazing city; more to come soon!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

around my studio...

Can't hide my enormous joy on the acquisition of my second "new"old nipping press!
I can't believe how beautiful it is, how it compliments the english screen I have in the corner of my studio and how it just feels belonging there!!!
So while I am in between projects, I am taking a small break from my normal fully engaging work and I am exploring traditional Japanese origami folding techniques.
I am surrounded by small pieces of paper for a change, no inks for a while, beautiful tiny sculptured bits and pieces in front of me and when I lift my head... I can't help but smile at my book press standing there and looking totally at home!

Here is an old post for my very first book press

Monday, July 4, 2011

sunflowers = summer!

Sunflowers are so friendly, so smiley and so full of the essence of summer!
Growing up in my homeland sunflowers were only found in the fields, never to be used as cut flowers...
Once their seeds had formed, the huge (gigantic for a little girl) dried flowers were brought in, placed on a shelf, left there to continue their drying/shriveling season and waiting for us to start digging into their rich centers densely woven with black seeds....
I can still remember the sweet taste, the shriveled flower that kept giving us pleasure even after its brilliant yellow had disappeared.
The sunflowers in these photographs were brought in and arranged in tall vases, bringing their screaming summer celebratory color into my home.
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