Saturday, June 11, 2011

so special!

There are occasions like this, that I realize allover again what a gift blogging is!
In the photographs is the porcelain and silver wire pendant I bought at Etsy, freshly unwrapped and so breathtaking beautiful! 
It is designed/crafted by Coby, an artist from The Netherlands, a country very close to my heart! Among the materials Coby uses is porcelain! I love what she does with it, and as soon as she posted this on her blog, I had to have it!

Once I opened the package I realized that her way of packaging with the addition of her beautiful collage turned into a card, transformed this purchase into a gift!

I love wearing "infinite" and wish Coby could hear all the compliments I get!


  1. People that make such beautiful things and care enough about their items and their customers to package them like this deserve to be successful!


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