Thursday, June 23, 2011

at the studio: play time!

 Playing with paper lithography, experimenting on a variety of papers I have laying around and getting excited with the results!


  1. Anna I would be thrilled with those experiments; they are haunting and memory-laden. Whispers and echoes....

  2. Anna,
    These are beautiful. I call gum arabic transfers the same as paper lithography using toner based photocopies but I don't know if that's what you've done here. Your etheral results have made me wonder why I don't do more of it..... Lesley x

  3. FIona, thank you for the most poetic compliment!

    Lesley, That's exactly it: gum arabic, water, rubber based inks, xerox copies, etching press, a lot of fast and slow work and then a lot of clean up!

  4. A- so liberating to be able to play just for ourselves; and when it creates such great outcomes as yours - double bonus. Go well. B

  5. these prints are really fine--


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