Saturday, April 2, 2011

a flea market in grand style...

... in New York of course!

It takes place every Sunday: outdoors in the summer, indoors in the winter. The outdoors' location allows for a huge number of sellers, a large scale display of goods, a grander possibility of finding whatever your heart desires. The winter season's indoor location though is what makes my heart beat faster and the feel of being within the walls of this architectural gem from a long gone era overshadows any treasure hunt's high and makes me feel on top of the world!

So here is a photographic display of goods available for sale and glimpses of the marble inlaid floors, iron work and brass ornamental figures and motifs adorning the building.

The flea market's winter home is the space of what was The Williamsburg Savings Bank, at the Brooklyn Clock Tower.


  1. What a wonderful setting Anna to see some very risque things! You've tantalised us with what was on offer so the question is 'did you buy anything?' If I went there I'd think I was in heaven. Another person's junk is usually my idea of nirvana! Lesley x

  2. Yes, Lesley, it IS a fabulous place.There were, sadly, many times when I had to stuff my mittened hands very deep in my pockets!
    Thank you, Anna for more Brooklyn Browsing.

  3. Oh, I do want to go to New York! I think I'd be in heaven there, too. I love other people's junk, and a lot of this didn't look at all like junk to me. Sigh...

  4. fabulous place and fabulous photo's. did you buy anything? Thank you for sharing, Coby

  5. Greetings dear Anna,

    I find the grandeur of the location an excellent counter point to the flea market. I think they should hold it indoors all year round.

    I think I could get lost there for hours and would need a big bank account as I already see a few things I love to have around the house.

    Thank you for sharing,


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