Tuesday, February 22, 2011

waking up...

to brand new snow!
Yesterday I woke up to a white landscape! It happened during the night and looking out of the window the sparkling white fresh new snow was competing in sparkle with Everett's fresh morning brilliant smile!
Later in the day I took a three mile walk through the white freezing neighborhood to the park, back to the wet icy city streets, cold and thrilled with this late winter's wonderland beauty.


  1. Oh! It looks so beautiful. Already, I am missing it!

  2. Bruce thank you for stopping by...

    Diane, it sure was beautiful; I am so glad I was able to immerse myself in this white fantasy landscape...
    Today it was the bitter biting cold but still a beautiful day.
    Enjoy your warm (hot?) summer!

  3. How lovely that you are happy, not mad at the snow.


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