Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Textiles, papers, lace, seeds, are among the things I collect!
Since I was a child I always had something I was all interested and drawn to, something I had to tuck away.

Living close to the sea, collecting sea shells was a given; and so were pebbles, driftwood, sea bird feathers. I also had tiny boxes tucked and hidden among my books, homes to my dried sea horses...

Some of the items just mentioned I still have and treasure.
Like mama's picture given to me when I was very young, tucked in a slim see-through box in the company of a tiny and very special hippocampos, found around that same time on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean...


  1. there's nothing like a nice treasure... and I think I treasure the most those things wiht the least monetary value. (love the seahorse!)

  2. Anna,
    These are beautiful things... but then, you're preaching to the converted in me! Lesley x


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