Saturday, January 15, 2011

wall encounter!

It's difficult to explain the "feeling" when while visiting someone's house,  attracted by a piece on a wall you approach it to only recognize your own signed piece!
It happened to me last night.
"autumn finds" -  monoprint with intaglio detail on Rives BFK, 2009


  1. wow, that's pretty cool. Neat that you were atracted to it too.

  2. That's great. A lovely piece it is, too.

    Not quite the same, but I once overheard a couple of people in an art store talking about a local artist. It slowly dawned on me they were discussing my work (we hadn't met, they didn't know who I was). An odd feeling, that is.

  3. Thank you I have enjoyed looking at your work.
    I off to try to find my own spider now.


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