Sunday, October 17, 2010

what a privilege...

... to be talked about at Privilege!
I do believe it is a wonderful world and I don't mean just our real 3D breathing day and night world...
I want to talk about the brilliancy and goodness of the cyber world, where the source of knowledge, the way of broadening one's horizons, the endless road to continuous discovery sometimes bring you to a  magical place; then if a certain "happy" concidence is present, then you may also experience the beginning of a new friendship! These must have been the conditions sometime ago that brought me to "Privilege", a blog I thoroughly enjoy reading, searching, and reading again and again. I became a follower and started looking forward to every new post, always covering a vast array of subjects with good sense, excellent taste, superb grounded sincerity, wisdom, honesty, dignity!
You can imaging my immense joy when the morning of September 22 I saw my work and my blogs being the subject that Lisa chose that particular day to talk about.
What can I say? I do feel privileged to have my art talked about in this truly special space and thankful to the good (cyber surfing) fortune that brought me to view "privilege" and start getting to know its wonderful author. Finally I am mesmerized by the possibilities of new friendship found in blogosphere, through blogs/forums that allow us to stop, think, learn, understand, grow!
Thank you Lisa!
a sample of Privilege's brilliant posts:

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