Saturday, September 18, 2010

reasons for a good old fashion...

(arty) correspondence!
Although now days most of our written communication is done electronically, the expectation of some "mailed" delivery still lingers in my list of desires... So it's not totally out of character that I still write the old fashion way and mail it after some serious consideration on the choice of the most appropriate for the content stamp!  Here are my latest cards featuring my own work! They arrived in perfect time! Next month my work is shown in four different galleries, in four different states, and my cards are the perfect way to keep friends and loved ones up to date with my art happenings... 


  1. lovely anna - I can relate to your need to find matching postage stamp!

  2. You too Ronnie? I should have guessed...

  3. Hi Anna

    I have just spent the loveliest time scrolling back thru your blog (not finished yet). It makes me feel calm and reflective and peaceful. Thanks for the lovely time - I'm off to bed in Oz

  4. Very nice. Yes, because it has become rare, and ever more special. Thanks

  5. Fiona, thank you so much!
    your words had the same effect on me...

  6. Such beautiful cards Anna. I hope all the galleries are successful with your work. How can they fail not to be? It's wonderful. Lesley

  7. Bruce, what a powerful word; thank you!

    Lesley, you are so kind!
    Thank you for your trust and good wishes!


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