Saturday, July 3, 2010


I love books, so it is very natural to also love bookmarks! I collect them, they are given to me and sometimes I even design and make them. It seems I never have enough, and sometimes I feel I have so very many... And yet, as it usually goes with collectors and their sentiments on adding to their collections, yesterday I was thrilled with a very special gift: six very beautiful bookmarks, a give away gift from a fellow artist-blogger and friend: Egmont.
Egmont, among other things, is  an excellent photographer who recently started experimenting with HDR photography (high dynamic range imaging); he used some of his amazing beautiful and  sophisticated HDR shots in bookmark format and generously offered them for download at his blog!
Thank you Egmont!

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  1. My dear friend Anna,

    I am deeply touched by your friendship and kindness in posting to show how much you like the bookmarks. I take it the white and pale green hydrangea image is your favorite, as it is mine too. The limited range of colour has in itself a certain attraction.

    Just shortly before seeing your post, I opened a letter that came in the mail, it was from a design firms sending out samples of their work, it was a collection of die cut bookmarks.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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