Sunday, July 11, 2010

all creatures great and small...

I live in a big city and yet I am surrounded with all sorts of creatures, some wilder than others, some cuter than others and some less friendly but way more interesting than others! I can't help but thinking of "all creatures great and small", and of the time I lived in England, when some nights holding my children by the window behind the curtains with the lights off and looking at the back garden, we would watch the foxes coming to visit! There were foxes and there were badgers and for some years there were moles ruining the harmonious continuity of our typical english very green and smooth lawn. They did give us though a spectacle of amazing beauty and charm, and with punctuality brought Mark, Christiana and me close together in this unique and so beautiful nocturnal nature watch.
Well, now there are different animals visiting my garden and I still get the greatest kick watching their moves and ways...  Without my children's company, with no more need to make up stories for them, I lift my head from the work I do and right in front of this window of mine nature still presents me with the greatest gift: many creatures..., not too great and mostly rather small offering me snippets of their lives right in front my eyes.
I bet if Mark and Christiana were here would have also loved to watch!


  1. you got great shots of this little critter! I have fox and squirrel in my yard too, very entertaining...

  2. if my work space looked out over my garden I am sure I too would see many creatures. I just hear them!

    Thanks for popping by mine and leaving such a lovely comment the other day :)



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