Tuesday, May 25, 2010

as seen in Japan!

While I am visiting Tokyo (and some other cities in Japan), I am encountering sights and situations that truly "speak" on the nature of this unique country. I will be posting selections of these scenes, with the belief that no words are required to describe the color, feel, rhythm, of the country..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

paper cutouts window dressing on 5th!

While visiting New York, one of my favorite "things" is to check on trends and themes in shop window  display. Last week I was not surprised to see paper cutouts giving a tone of elegant simplicity on a number of  windows belonging to a well known department store on 5th. So simple, so direct, so lovely! The easily recognizable fashion cities' skyline and typical spring blooms being the background of high fashion items, while at the same time accepting the reflections of New York's surrounding buildings; what a fantastic reminder of fashion's influence and presence around the world!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

mood changers...

Sometimes a timid wild overlooked flower, or a broken mossy branch become great finds!
They can magically turn the dry, gray and empty mood into a totally "how great being here and now" moment! I have become pretty crafty in finding ways and reasons to bring to surface elements that unexpectedly transform my mood, my attitude, my dead end kind of times... More often than not the finds come from my garden; other times appear while waiting on a red light; the surrounding hassle on an intersection, that particular light that transforms the city's skyline into a bronze, silver, pewter mythical horizon, unexpected and unrelated happenings become scripts and give the "voice" of what I do next.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

beginning and end...

Here is the story of life's glory and end as demonstrated by the blooms on my magnolia tree.
All this happened in 24 hours... Brilliant, pure youth one morning, decay and disintegration the next.
But even at the end I still see incredible beauty; nature is the master!!!
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