Sunday, April 25, 2010

ready to fly?

A few mornings ago, outside my window an amazing scene took place: a mother cardinal and a father cardinal were trying to convince baby cardinal to fly! Well, baby cardinal was kind of reluctant; was he afraid to spread the tiny wings? or was he mesmerized by this human being (me!), holding her camera,  perched over computers, desks, art paraphernalia, flowers, etc. trying to record these most beautiful moments?
Despite the glass pane separating us and the time constrain (I had a very busy-fully scheduled day), I was glued to the task and used the last possible seconds available clicking away. Hours later when I came back baby cardinal was gone. I wish him a safe flight, a good bird life! Perhaps next spring he will be coaching his own baby cardinal to fly; perhaps it will all happen a clear morning right here, in front of my magical window!


  1. absolutely fantastic shots! what a great thing to be blessed to see!!

  2. Dear Anna,

    Your captures are a delight and I am thrilled by the images. You had a precious moment with mother nature and I wish you could have witnessed the birds first flight, as I hope it went well.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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