Sunday, April 25, 2010

ready to fly?

A few mornings ago, outside my window an amazing scene took place: a mother cardinal and a father cardinal were trying to convince baby cardinal to fly! Well, baby cardinal was kind of reluctant; was he afraid to spread the tiny wings? or was he mesmerized by this human being (me!), holding her camera,  perched over computers, desks, art paraphernalia, flowers, etc. trying to record these most beautiful moments?
Despite the glass pane separating us and the time constrain (I had a very busy-fully scheduled day), I was glued to the task and used the last possible seconds available clicking away. Hours later when I came back baby cardinal was gone. I wish him a safe flight, a good bird life! Perhaps next spring he will be coaching his own baby cardinal to fly; perhaps it will all happen a clear morning right here, in front of my magical window!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

work table: stages!

I have been busy. There is no higher "high" than having a work successfully completed. The mess preceding it suddenly takes the aura of a landscape worth capturing, and sometimes when luck strikes big and the unintentional "errors" become great meaningful elements of that particular work... well, then it's truly time to celebrate!  Even though your body hurts, your hands and nails  (sometimes even the face) are covered with thick layers of several colors of ink (the tell tale signs of hours of the creation process), and you still have the hours worth of mess waiting for the good hour required to clean up..., believe me you still feel like dancing! It's like you've reached the stars and nothing else matters: that's the true high and the greatest gift your work gives you back!
I have no photos to share of all the mess just described, but here are some moments captured from my cleaner type of artwork I do and LOVE doing. A "view" of my worktable during two different Artists' Books assembling. Also a photo of my invitation mailing to an art exhibit where my work it's included.
Actually samples of my work are going to be shown in three different art shows the next couple of months! If you are anywhere near, please go and have a look and let me know...
Visual Arts Alliance Juried Exhibition - April 29 - May 28, Williams Tower Gallery - Houston, Texas, USA
Inventive Structures: Books beyond the Codex - May 14 -  June 25, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Greek artists’ books: Contemporary artworks & editions ArtAthina - May 13 - 16, Athens, Greece

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter - Happy spring!

My Easter eggs found throughout my home are an essential part of the Easter celebration and of the welcoming the spring to our lives and our home! There is a story behind each one of these eggs; the ones painted by me have become a window to my mood of the time, others are associated with the place I found them, my sister introducing me to the Russian lady selling them, the smells and sounds of that particular market somewhere in Greece years ago. And then there is the third kind, precious wooden eggs given to me by family members and a very dear friend who knows how much I love them.
Happy Easter to everyone
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