Monday, March 8, 2010

spring signs...

Maybe a better title for this post would be "gifts from nature". That's how I feel when I look at these beautiful sculptured seeds. When I realized that they had "bloomed", I ran outside with my camera and although it was rainy and very gray, I didn't mind at all! There was no way to wait for the sky to change... Oh! how I felt yesterday morning when I first saw them and how I feel every time I look at them and touch them is beyond description!  I've put them in small vases, I started drawing them and thinking of patterns from their quasi heart shaped fruit, and then I go into daydreaming... I keep fantasizing being in a room with William Morris(!!!), talking about the movement and planning borders and flowery "themes" for cotton chintzes... He is reciting poetry and I start sketching shapes all based on these whimsy feathery samaras...
Oh, my London years have really left me with some deep English country person's tendencies... I better get back to 21st century and feel so glad for the spectacle of the few red maples blooming outside, by the street...  


  1. no.. I think the 21st century is highly overated! your dreamland sounds far more fun!! your sketch is marvelous!

  2. Dear Anna,

    What a beautiful drawing and how very large these seeds are. From the look of it, these are from a red Japanese Maple? They are much larger than the ones I collected earlier this year from our tree in the hopes of planing them and raising these trees. I have been successful with the green Japanese Maple.

    I guess i should have red all of your post since you did acknowledge that these are from a red Japanese Maple tree.

    As for Caterina's comment about the 20th century, I agree in part, for I could care less that we can get things shipped within 24 hours, but please let me retain my computer and the Internet.

    Warmest regards,

  3. Dear Caterina and Egmont,
    How I love reading your comments! it's almost like being with both of you, visiting over a cup of tea, or coffee, or whatever our hearts desire!
    I am in tune with both of you on this: yes, it's so charming imagining times in the company of greats from the past, but the wonders of the present is what has brought so many similar minds together and made this afternoon visit of ours possible!
    Thank you for stopping by...

  4. You are an amazingly gifted artist. I am in awe of your work having looked through your two blogs at past work! really exquisite work.

  5. I like your blog posts very much... artistic and creative- and connecting with what other artists go through.


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