Thursday, March 4, 2010

out of nothing... something!

Has it ever happened to you? To have spent time and thought developing a project and then realizing that some part of it just didn't work out? (that's euphemism for "failed"!!!)?
Well, that's what happened to me with an idea that initially seemed clever, but then turned out not being so... Sometime ago I decided to use one of my orisomegami papers as chine-collé with an etching print  ending up with a rather sad result... The idea was OK, the organic nature of the paper with the orizomegami resulted pattern and the etched fern leaf seemed to be meant for great company and yet they did not! Well, I couldn't just trash it, too much work and emotions involved in the disaster..., so I just put it away until sometime later; revisiting the folder with the failed attempts, I saw on this particular one the possibility of a future: a gift box, to hold a special gift for a very dear friend. Spring is approaching, the color scheme and nature of it totally appropriate for the season and so with a little planning and the addition of a heavy card to mount the print, some measurements and some glue: Voilà! A box made with  some experimentation, after some failed expectation, but finally giving to me a lot of satisfaction! I hope it will be liked by the person who receives it!
More on the art of orizomegami here...

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  1. Dear Anna,

    This is absolutely terrific! I have never heard of this process before and that you in turn shifted gears, saving what you considered a failure and turned it into beautiful packaging is fantastic.

    I can see Caterina getting excited by this, once she has a chance to visit.

    Warmest regards,


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