Tuesday, March 16, 2010

nature morte... and still beautiful!

Aren't these true great works of art? Their forms, proportions, textures, colors... When it comes to judging organic forms... nature always wins! All these insects -and a whole bunch kept in one of my "treasure" boxes- were found around my home, garden, even inside the pool. Although there is always the sadness associated with one more evidence of end of life, looking at these creatures fills me with enormous joy. Perhaps because even in death they do preserve the brilliant colors of their living state, and somehow, because they are all still so beautiful, they make me think that they had a wonderful happy life! I "see" them flying around my garden, filling the summer nights with their sound, hurrying to enter  uninvited through the open door at night... In their frenzied flight contributing to the survival of nature's wonders, while awarding us with the spectacle of colors, the sounds of bird songs, the taste of honey...
the "how" on these photographs: on a clouding morning subjects were placed on a white Rives paper laying on my worktable. I used my  ancient SONY DSC-F707 and had great fun!


  1. absolutely beautiful forms, I especially love bees and dragon flys and of course the Monarch is the queen! wonderful post Anna! so fun to visit your place!

  2. the 'line work' in the flies - only nature can do that-- and such beautiful form and shapes in the bees-- yes-- nature does it best.

  3. Dear Anna,

    We are two of the same bookend, as the crane fly is one of my favorite objects to photograph. The cicada reminds me much of a botanical photograph from the 1920's.

    I am glad that you used natural light. There is none better.

    Thank you for sharing,


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