Wednesday, March 24, 2010

garden finds...

Doesn't look like a close up of a couture garment? The texture, the color, the sheen: so rich, so unique, so understated...  It's an old discarded skin. I found it outside my home, on a concrete slab where the pool filter tank stands... I can't help by thinking how glorious the "new" coat must have been, how much more beautiful in order for someone to leave this old one behind. I wonder how many more "coats" that snake must have "taken off" when ready for a glorious new. Oh! I am so glad I have it!

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  1. Coming from Egmont's blog...hello. This is very cool-looking. I've never really looked at one close up, so thanks for posting this! (The insects below, though beautifully shown, I can't look at for long, though. I dislike insects more than anything else, I'm afraid. :D)


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