Monday, March 29, 2010

yellow overdose...

the early morning sun giving my roses an extra yellow glow!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

garden finds...

Doesn't look like a close up of a couture garment? The texture, the color, the sheen: so rich, so unique, so understated...  It's an old discarded skin. I found it outside my home, on a concrete slab where the pool filter tank stands... I can't help by thinking how glorious the "new" coat must have been, how much more beautiful in order for someone to leave this old one behind. I wonder how many more "coats" that snake must have "taken off" when ready for a glorious new. Oh! I am so glad I have it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

nature morte... and still beautiful!

Aren't these true great works of art? Their forms, proportions, textures, colors... When it comes to judging organic forms... nature always wins! All these insects -and a whole bunch kept in one of my "treasure" boxes- were found around my home, garden, even inside the pool. Although there is always the sadness associated with one more evidence of end of life, looking at these creatures fills me with enormous joy. Perhaps because even in death they do preserve the brilliant colors of their living state, and somehow, because they are all still so beautiful, they make me think that they had a wonderful happy life! I "see" them flying around my garden, filling the summer nights with their sound, hurrying to enter  uninvited through the open door at night... In their frenzied flight contributing to the survival of nature's wonders, while awarding us with the spectacle of colors, the sounds of bird songs, the taste of honey...
the "how" on these photographs: on a clouding morning subjects were placed on a white Rives paper laying on my worktable. I used my  ancient SONY DSC-F707 and had great fun!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

rodeo season!

    my leather boots and their "portrait": sumi ink, watercolor on xuan paper.
This time of the year the rodeo comes to town; as a result a western dress-up frenzy takes over  the whole city and the far west theme appears everywhere!  For about a month you see boots, you hear country, you smell BBQ and suddenly after the rodeo's official city entrance parade reaches its final destination and home for the duration of the month, then you can't help but admit that yes, this is indeed a cowboy land! 
A few years ago I fell in love with this pair of boots, bought them and wore them at a rodeo function - my only "seasonal" accessory except of course some American Indian vintage turquoise pieces I am lucky enough to have... These boots are the reason I finally fell for the rodeo masquerade! I liked them so much, I ended up using them as a model for my watercolor painting in the photograph.  Every year both the boots and the painting come to surface and become part of my home's rodeo season decorative "touch". The boots continued to inspire me... and the  painting as well! They both appeared in all sorts of design projects as you can see in the following images.

Monday, March 8, 2010

spring signs...

Maybe a better title for this post would be "gifts from nature". That's how I feel when I look at these beautiful sculptured seeds. When I realized that they had "bloomed", I ran outside with my camera and although it was rainy and very gray, I didn't mind at all! There was no way to wait for the sky to change... Oh! how I felt yesterday morning when I first saw them and how I feel every time I look at them and touch them is beyond description!  I've put them in small vases, I started drawing them and thinking of patterns from their quasi heart shaped fruit, and then I go into daydreaming... I keep fantasizing being in a room with William Morris(!!!), talking about the movement and planning borders and flowery "themes" for cotton chintzes... He is reciting poetry and I start sketching shapes all based on these whimsy feathery samaras...
Oh, my London years have really left me with some deep English country person's tendencies... I better get back to 21st century and feel so glad for the spectacle of the few red maples blooming outside, by the street...  

Thursday, March 4, 2010

out of nothing... something!

Has it ever happened to you? To have spent time and thought developing a project and then realizing that some part of it just didn't work out? (that's euphemism for "failed"!!!)?
Well, that's what happened to me with an idea that initially seemed clever, but then turned out not being so... Sometime ago I decided to use one of my orisomegami papers as chine-collé with an etching print  ending up with a rather sad result... The idea was OK, the organic nature of the paper with the orizomegami resulted pattern and the etched fern leaf seemed to be meant for great company and yet they did not! Well, I couldn't just trash it, too much work and emotions involved in the disaster..., so I just put it away until sometime later; revisiting the folder with the failed attempts, I saw on this particular one the possibility of a future: a gift box, to hold a special gift for a very dear friend. Spring is approaching, the color scheme and nature of it totally appropriate for the season and so with a little planning and the addition of a heavy card to mount the print, some measurements and some glue: Voilà! A box made with  some experimentation, after some failed expectation, but finally giving to me a lot of satisfaction! I hope it will be liked by the person who receives it!
More on the art of orizomegami here...
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