Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in company of... all presidents!

Last Saturday I went to visit a screen print studio housed in the same complex where David Adickes formidable sculptures are created, stored, displayed. It was a cold and dreary Saturday, but first the arty energy at the Black Swan  studio, then the experience of being in such close proximity with the heads of all these historic men... well, I ended up being so lifted and so ready to do "stuff"! You know, I am talking about this urge that I am sure I share with most creative individuals when experiencing this aura of inspirational high. It was for sure the best thing I could have done this past Saturday.  After the demo at Black Swan, I ended up going around in the chilly and wet grayness, taking pictures and finding beauty in all sorts of deserted industrial, rusty and dilapidated shop yards.  Here is a sample of the "beauty" I discovered in a not so beautiful area of the town I live...


  1. fascinating post! your photos have a great sculptural quality as well, you really captured the feeling!

  2. Dear Anna,

    All the images are wonderful, but one stands out for me. The rooftops and barbwire fence has an edge that pleases my senses.

    Thank you for sharing,


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