Sunday, January 3, 2010

my cardinal friend!

He visits every morning and he often stares at me through the window...


  1. Dear Anna,

    I have always desired to have a cardinal visit our bird feeders but alas, they do not make their way to California. Therefore I delight seeing photographs of a cardinal visiting my friends garden and you have captured your friend beautifully.

    Thank you for sharing a moment in your day with us,

  2. I wish I could tell my cardinals to come all the way to California and pay a special visit to you - too bad they don't listen to me; but they do keep coming by my window every morning, and although they don't stay still more than 1-2 seconds, I do manage to capture them (every now and then...). I do promise you more pictures from their visits here, right in front of my very special and very open to their wandering flight window...

  3. These are great pictuirs of a cardinal - both are enchanting and painterly.


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