Sunday, January 17, 2010


This lovely orchid was given to me by a dear friend; talking about a gift that keeps on giving... every day since it came to me.
It's incredible how much "white" daydreaming her beautiful flowers have offered me. It's placed on my desk, and can't help looking at it and then looking at it some more... It's almost like a magnet; a crisp white, fairy tale magnet pulling me into a state of peaceful, calm bliss! Of course daydreaming is not as deep as making me forget the need to photograph it, a sure way to be able to lose myself in its company again later, when her ephemeral beauty will be long gone.


  1. Just found your blog thru Egmont's directory... this post is gorgeous and has me dreaming too!

  2. Greetings Anna

    I am glad that Caterina has discovered you. She is a wonderful person as well as a great artist.

    Wishing you all the best


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