Thursday, December 17, 2009

totally domesticated!

in a very 'arty' fashion!

Today was one of these days that when night falls you look around, you see what you've done and although there is nothing earthshaking..., just looking at the fruits of your very basic domestic work... you realize that life is all about the simple down to earth things and you appreciate them a ton more!
I am  done with decorating the house for Christmas, I am almost done with wrapping the presents and I can see the end of writing the Christmas cards! For a break I even made THE most wonderful candied orange peel, now all ready dried crisp and sweet to add to festive fruit salads and ice cream. It has been a great stay at home day!


  1. Dear Anna,

    It seems as I am getting older the simple pleasures seem to mean more as they take on a greater importance.

    A cup of tea carefully prepared and brewed, taken with a bit of chocolate or home made cake from scratch. Even European soap has made the list.

    I love the accompanying photographs to your post today. It looks so warm and inviting, so very cosy.

    Warmest regards

  2. Egmont, you are so right, I feel very much the same!
    Wrapping gifts, peeling oranges, turning on the lights on the Christmas tree... all of a sudden all these activities grow into oh so much more special happenings than ever before... Let's hope we will continue enjoying them for years to come!


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