Wednesday, November 25, 2009

from a distant past, always present!

We are first shaped to who we are by the people who bring us up, hopefully with love and good intentions; then we begin forming our own texture and eventually our own patina sometimes acquiring a special luster -if we are lucky-, resulting from the mirroring of certain people we meet and get attracted to, friends we grow to trust, admire, love and respect, the ones we feel this special affinity and who years later we recognize in who we have become.

For me, one of these very special people I was so fortunate to meet and who I feel has influenced who I am, the person who left an indelible mark in my being is the girl in this photo. I met her in my late teens, she became my very best friend and although we have lived in different continents with no contact most of these past decades, her presence has remained in my mind, my thoughts and heart uninterruptedly.

Getting into this Thanksgiving season's mood, I feel the need to express thanks and gratitude for so much good I have been so fortunate to have known, to have felt, to have received. Among other things, I am also so thankful and grateful to be able to talk about this friendship and know that the girl in the photo is going to read it: Thank you Carla! Happy birthday my dearest friend, with all my love, always!

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  1. My dear Anna,

    Forgive my oversight which has been finally corrected today.

    The photograph and how the elements are displayed within make this image very touching, along with the story that serves to remind us we need to take time out in our lives and remember those who have touched our lives.

    Warmest regards this holiday season,


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