Friday, October 23, 2009

yesterday's sun, today's fog...

Hard to believe how different autumn feels from one day to the next. Justified difference perhaps when you consider that yesterday's blue sky and sun bathed ancient monument is in Athens, Greece, while today's densely fog covered green is in Haarlem, Holland.
I've spent the last two weeks in Greece visiting family, celebrating a nephew's wedding, revisiting situations and memories still unsolved and feeling longings for loved ones sadly gone... Regardless the sadness that this type of return most often has, I believe that the memory of the last two weeks' visit in my hometown eventually will be shaped by the joy and promise of the new start that marriage symbolizes and the bright light of Attica's warm autumn sun.
And now, in the quiet stillness of this cold afternoon, I need to rethink and recap some whys, some hows some whens, and also find a way to unwind. I plan to use these next two weeks in this highly inspiring for me environment to do just that, and hope to move again towards the challenging road of understanding and accepting without further postponing questions...

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