Thursday, October 29, 2009

this morning's reflections

Since I was little I saw reflecting images taking a mythical dimension, evoking worlds from fairy tales I had either heard, or I had made up before going to sleep. Depending on the available light I saw these reflections belonging to either happy worlds, or scary, hard and dark situations worlds. This reflection belongs to the "lived happily ever after" story book, and it's all too real. In my morning "getting lost following the different canals" walk, I got totally pulled by the magic of light and color dancing on the surface of the never ending water paths of Haarlem... This magical dance is now all mine; a recorded treasure in the form of digital images that I know I will be looking over and over again, revisiting these happy encounters and drawing inspiration for the beginning of future works!

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  1. I was the same as a girl, spending long periods of time gazing in to puddles and creeks, my mind somewhere far away. There is something about water that's so mesmerizing and other worldly.


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