Monday, August 24, 2009

thoughts from Holland

For the last ten days I am in Holland, staying in Haarlem -a small city just fourteen miles west of Amsterdam. Although I have visited the country many times before, this is my first lengthy stay and I am discovering the core differences between a short visit's site-seeing plans and impressions, and the longer stay's discoveries... Mind you I am still madly interested, actually enamored of visiting museums. This time I have visited some new ones and revisited some others; every time there is something "new" to see, something old that resonates anew and then something that every time I see it..., it seems "new"! But now the element of "I need to squeeze this walk or this gallery visit etc. in the next # of days/hours" not being present, I end up doing THE most luxerious thing for a visitor: walking aimlessly, stoping, absorbing sites, sounds as I please, starting the day with one thing planned and ending up with all kinds of unplanned stops and all that without having checked the watch for time... Oh, if this is not a true luxury!!! So here I am, reaching this conclusion about the main element of difference in between a tourist's short planned visit and a fortunate visitor's (that's ME!!!) longer stay: we see everything magnified! it's a close up visit, a true blow-up if you prefer...
So here are some photos of this close-up kind of visit!

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  1. Hello Anna, next time you can visit us in Friesland. We have a lovely sky and light here. And beautifull houses. You are welcome. Coby


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