Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my latest...

...coptic stitch album!
It 's incredible how fast time goes by and how long it has been since I last posted...
I have been quite busy, and although I planned to post an overview of my latest work before leaving, I never succeeded. So here I am now in my hotel room in charming Haarlem, looking through my files and discovering I never showed my latest coptic stitch paste papers album.
I spent quite some time experimenting (fooling around is closer to the truth!) with paste and paste decorated papers and ended up with a mount of all sorts of successful and not so successful examples. Also sometime ago I had cut a number of boards, with the intention to bind them in a coptic stitch album structure. So there I was in a perfect mood and with a perfect assembly of materials and the result is -in my opinion- a brilliant colorful and super happy looking book!!! The magic of this stitch is that you end up with a book that every page opens up flat! Perfect for a photo album, artist's portfolio, or in this case my paste paper sample book.
More on my papers and Holland soon...

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  1. This photo shows me a lot of skill.
    I love it.Also like your blog.
    I'm so happy that ,at least i met a greek person.(the last name sounds greek).I followed you.
    I menage also a blog:
    Nice to meet you .


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