Tuesday, August 25, 2009

front doors...

Front doors must be extra special to Dutch people; or perhaps it's me, so totally taken by the quiet, charmingly home oriented image that I "read" on people's faces and demeanor, that I see charm and special unique touches everywhere, especially by and on the front doors! Like this handmade lace insert on the square window of one of Haarlem home's door. For sure though, and judging by what I see on homes that in most cases have been standing here for a few centuries, this desire to embellish the door has been going strong for a few hundred years. How can one grow bored walking on these tiny streets? I feel like walking in a gallery, seeking out special exhibits... Sometimes I experience this anxious desire, very similar to what I get when I visit museums and can't wait to go to the next and the next and the next after that room, ready to be exhilarated by what I'll find to see, absorb, admire (sometimes also reject!) there... So here I have some samples of what there is on, by, above, or near the inspiring doors of this old Dutch city.

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