Friday, July 31, 2009

paste papers in a rainy day...

...for a rainy day!
Today was one of those days... It started with all good intentions, a schedule full of promise and then... my laptop didn't seem to be sitting straight! Actually it looked very crooked and then I realized it was wobbly!!! Well, my first thought was to remove whatever was there, underneath, and caused this phenomena; after checking and looking and wiping the surface, I discovered the swelling of the bottom of my beautiful Mac!!! The battery piece had bended, it was all swollen and deformed and layers of material were very scarily visible!!! I went to my friendly Apple store guru -I mean genius- and the diagnosis was indeed a terribly malfunctioned battery; they replaced it with a new one and I have been thrilled, happy and newly in love with Apple since then!!! While the diagnosis was made, a terrible storm caused a power surge, loss of internet connection and of course extra delay. Returning home I had to drive through "rivers" and then I had to deal with resetting the signal here; turn off all computers, unplug the cable box, unplug the router, wait, restart everything, etc., etc.
And then it was afternoon; outside still raining cats and dogs, inside me dwelling on the lost day and thinking of all the plans for my super creative day swerving down the flooded drains... I decided I could still save the day! I prepared my paste ( flour and water), mixed some acrylic colors, and voilà: a new batch of paste papers for future books!

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