Monday, June 8, 2009

my "new" old book press!

I am so happy! I couldn't just not talk about it, especially not showing everyone my beautiful old -but brand new acquisition for  me - cast iron book press. I got it at ebay (of course...), through a great seller and I will be using it a great deal. My artist's books have generated quite some interest and already have been added in a few private collections which gives me great pride! More on this to come...
I hope everyone has a great week!
in the photograph, resting on the wall: one of my most recent etchings


  1. Your book press is beautiful! I just bought on today and I'm also thrilled with it. I can relate to your "book press" joy!

  2. Dear Anna,

    I do not know how I missed this one. First of, congratulations and I know it has not only found a good home, but also a loving home, where it will be used as intended with care.

    If I may share with a memory of my own regarding a book press.

    I was in college, it was 1968 and at that time I had my own identical book press, minus the hand painted decoration. Sadly though, when we moved, the book press was thrown out due to its weight. Needless to say, I have missed the press a few times since.

    Wishing you all the best,


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