Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gabie's holidays...

I would have never guessed that dog sitting could be a form of therapy... Friday morning our friends delivered Gabie with all her paraphernalia to be with us during their two week vacation. It turns out Gabie loves us and we/I LOVE Gabie!!! We have been taking long walks-incredible amount of energy she has- and the rest of the time... we hug and kiss!!!
At least today I got away from the total attention she demands and managed to do certain things, including a whole bunch of these beautiful origami wreaths using scraps from my marbled papers. All in all a true emotional therapy day-long session, today! Tutorial for the origami wreath here
I hope you are also having a great last Sunday of the year!

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  1. Gabie looks so cute! I have been fighting the overwhelming urge to get a little doggy myself! I keep seeing small cute dogs and wanting one!!


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