Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas' thoughts

Mama is not suffering from old age anymore;  the sad image of her last years hopefully is going to fade from our minds... Thank God she gave us all lifetimes filled with her strong, inspiring and loving presence.  I hope soon my memories will be filled with just those images. I pray that someday I will see her in my dreams/in my mind the way we used to know her for most of my life: strong, leading, determined,  smiling and laughing out loud...

Still I have so many reasons for being happy this Christmas: Christiana and Scott were here for five days! Mark is still here for a few more days. All our loved ones are well and we manage to constantly being in touch. Our dear friends throughout the world are keeping us in their hearts as we do; the house is filled with Christmas colors, smells , tastes and sounds. We love and we are loved! 
Happy Christmas to everyone!
"Nature's gift"- etching and aquatint on Rives BFK - November 2008

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