Thursday, October 9, 2008

bringing autumn in...

I love nature's ways of preparing us for the new season: the show of colors, the special perfumes and smells, the dramatic change of temperature... Where I live fall is late to come -some  years it just doesn't come at all!
Well, living here you have to put a helping hand in order to somehow participate in this, you need to do whatever it takes in order to truly feel that the days and months of summer have ended; you have to find a way to physically, psychologically and emotionally feel, accept and become in tune with the progression of time, with nature's way of showing the transition path from the intense and brilliant summer colors to the calmness and coldness of winter's grays...
So I do what most people here do, I decorate our home for the season; in my own kind of particular way I display my pumpkin, rooster and vegetable watercolors all over the house as a backdrop to nature's true chef d'oeuvres: gourds of all kinds, multicolored pumpkins, seasonal indian corn; this is my way for truly bringing and welcoming autumn to our home!
"making friends" , colored ink on xuan paper by Anna Mavromatis / swan gourd by mother nature!

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