Saturday, October 25, 2008

autumn in my back yard

Everything is still very-very green, not the right shade of green for autumn, but then we are in the south - this is Texas - and most of the time we have to look what the calendar says in order to "feel" the season... Then this morning a monarch butterfly showed up and gave me a tour of my back yard's season changes... I saw her from the window, grabbed my camera and started following her smooth, hungry flight from plant to plant; all of a sudden I realized that what I thought was still a persistent lingering state of summer, had been transformed into a fall backdrop: the seeding plants, the rust markings on the palm branches, colorful berries, acorns half eaten by the squirrels everywhere, and this butterfly stopping in my backyard for a rest on her long migratory journey to the south, showing me/reminding me that yes: fall is here!

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