Sunday, October 5, 2008

All in a day's work!

Can you believe it?
These beautiful patterned papers were created by me!
Yesterday I took a super exhilarating Master Class on the art of paper marbling at the Museum of Printing History.
The class was given by Galen Barry whose work is absolutely amazing! My end of the day's colorful paper stack (and all of the other participants') proves that Galen is not only a superb marbler but also a first class teacher! In 5 hours of super intense work he transformed us from wide eyed ignorant observers to paint dripping paper marbling artists. I can't wait to do more on my own!
The last few weeks have been rather foggy; hurricane Ike's misery and the passing of my good friend's mother have made us feel the fragility of our sunny reality; creating once again brings back the thrill and joy of existence.
prints from my new work: "stages"

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